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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maredsous 6 Blonde Review

In keeping with the Belgian theme, today I have the Maredsous 6 Blonde up for review. Although it is labeled as "Maredsous Abbey", the name is used under license. This is a beer from the makers of Duvel, so I still come into this review with fairly high expectations. The Belgian styles of beer are some of my favorites, since they offer a rich and satisfying flavour.

This beer is bottle-conditioned, and has sugar added. I don't mind a little sediment in my glass, so I'm usually not too gentle during the pour. However, this bottle had very little sediment.

The beer pours to a golden color with a resilient head, which stays behind as a thin layer and intense lacing, lasting longer in the glass than the beer does. The nose is slightly flowery, very pleasant, and very promising. There is perhaps a very slight hint of baked bread from the yeast. The taste is quite good, if a bit brief. The initial flavor is very full, with lightly roasted malt, some sweetness, and a very subtle hint of alcohol, as this is a strong beer at 6% ABV. It is quite carbonated due to the bottle conditioning, but not to an excessive level. The finish is average in intensity, somewhat dry with a hint of apple and the slightest bitterness. The flavor fades fast, and it's a little uncommitted - I feel like it should either be more intense or more refreshing, but it is rather in the middle.

Cost - Part of a set, 3 330 mL bottles and a glass for $15.95
Taste - 7.3/10

Overall - 7.3/10...not as pleasant as I expected. Pick Leffe Blond over this.

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