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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mort Subite Kriek Lambic Review

I love this bottle, but I don't like the price - $3.95 for a 375 mL bottle of what basically is fruit beer. I got a couple of fruit beers last week, but due to a cold, I chose to leave them alone until I got a bit better....Well, I am feeling fine today so I am popping this open.

I first tried this at a pub in Toronto for the low price of $15 per bottle!!! Since this was number X beer for the night (4th or 5th at that particular pub), I don't remember if it was good, bad or just average.

The bottle opened with a satisfying pop and a bit of air came out. The beer is cloudy, pink-red and slightly orange in color and poured with a short, almost non-existent head. The aroma is milder than what I imagined, but the scent of cherries can be easily detected. In addition, dried fruits, citrus and some earthy notes are also present. The beer has a medium to rich mouth-feel and has a start similar to many of the heavier Belgian beers. The taste of cherries and dried fruits, as well as all the expected sourness from the cherries, kicks in shortly after start and lingers for a very long time. The finish is mildly dry, and both sweet and sour from the fruits. A bit of a corn taste develops in the long run, which comes in a few minutes after the finish. Overall, I find this fruit flavoured beer to be OK, but not something worth $3.95 for a 375 mL bottle. But stay tuned, I will soon be reviewing my favorite fruit beer - Fruli...unless at the time you are reading this, I have already reviewed it, in which case just click on the damn link already.

Cost - $3.95 CAD for a 375 mL bottle
Taste - 7.2/10

Overall - 7.2/10...the beer is OK, but at this price I would expect something better

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