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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fruli Strawberry Beer Review

I mentioned yesterday that I will be reviewing my favorite fruit beer today and here is the review. I have bought this many, many times before, sometimes 10 or so bottles at a time, but none of them have ever had the luck to make it to my desk, until today. I set this bottle aside only so I can finally have a Fruli review. Unlike the expensive Mort Subite I had yesterday, a bottle of Fruli costs only $2.35 CAD. Sure it is 250 mL, but even with some math applied to the ratio of cost and volume, its comparable per unit basis cost is $3.525, which is less than Mort Subite's $3.95.

Well, lets get on with the review. Fruli is cloudy, dark pink-red in color and pours with almost no head. Unlike the mild Mort Subite aroma, this aroma is very strong and the strawberries can be smelled from far away. The beer is more carbonated than Mort Subite and the taste is much stronger with strawberries attacking the taste-buds the moment they enter the mouth. The finish is of strawberries and a bit citric. Not much else can be tasted due to the strawberry juice added.

The problem with Fruli is that it does not taste like beer, it is more like a strawberry cooler with the mouth-feel of beer. Mort Subite on the other hand has retained its beer roots which is why beer drinkers prefer it. In my experience, I have found that Fruli is enjoyed more by those who do not enjoy the taste of beer. If you decide to pick a few Frulis, I suggest you also buy an orange and add some slices to your glass.

Cost - $2.35 for a 250 mL bottle
Taste - 8/10

Overall - 8/10...tastes like strawberries...a lot like strawberries

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  1. I adore this beer. I mix it with sparkling water to make a cooler. You're right, it isn't really a beer. But I still love it.