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Monday, January 31, 2011

Niagara's Best Blonde Premium Ale Review

This is the last bottle of OCB's Discovery Pack 7.

The beer is pale gold in color, a touch hazy and pours without much head - just a ring with some lively bubbles in the middle. The aroma is nothing spectacular with cereal notes, as well as some light malt with a light, sweet twist. The taste is nothing exceptional either, but it is not bad. It is grassy with very light toasted malt notes and a dry, slightly bitter finish with a touch of hops. I know it doesn't sound like a mind blowing description, but this is what you get. There are no notes of adjuncts or anything else to ruin the taste. In fact, the finish gets better with time as it becomes a little more bitter and bolder. Overall, this beer is very easy to drink and was somewhat of a surprise.

Cost - $12.60 for the discovery pack, $11.95 for a 6 pack
Taste - 6.5/10
ABV - 5%

Overall 6.6/10...it gets an extra 0.1 for the surprise factor

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