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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hoppy India Pale Ale Review

Isn't that a fantastic name?Hoppy! With a name like this I expect one thing from this beer - to be hoppy.

Going over the label, one would discover the "100% Cascade" seal in the upper left corner, a seal of awesomeness in my opinion. Like many other IPAs, this one has a nice amber color and pours with a very thin, off-white head. The aroma has the typical cascade hops aroma - a bouquet of hoppy fragrance. The taste is also very typical, though a tad more bitter. There are some secondary notes, such as roasted nuts and some raisins, but the flavour is heavily dominated by the cascade hops. The finish is dry, on the bitter, hoppy end with more of the roasted nuts and just a touch of the raisins. It is fairly strong and lingers for quite some time. This is a fairly awesome beer, which delivers what it promises. My one complaint is that the bitterness does build up and turn some people off.

Cost - $2.29
Taste - 8.5/10
ABV - 6%

Overall - 8.6/10...I love it hoppy and I love Hoppy. Bonus points for costing only $2.29

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