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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

L'Erabiere Maple Pale Ale Review

What can be more Canadian this weekend than drinking a maple flavored beer? OK, I am sure there are a lot more things, but this is what I was doing in addition to watching fireworks from Toronto Island.

First off, don't be mistaken by the label, this is not a pale ale, but sure is pale in color. Its color is very similar to that of a Coors Light or any other flavorless macro brew. The beer poured with a lively, two finger thick head which quickly receded to a thin layer with multiple bottom of the glass originating bubble stream feeding it and maintaining its shape. The aroma wasn't as impressive either. It was weak with malty and grassy hints and just a touch of sweetness which did not remind me too much of maple.

The taste is sour and grassy with very little malt and even less hops. But wait, there was a faint maple note which reminded me of eating a Tim Horton's Maple Pecan Danish and I absolutely love those things. When there was a Tim Horton's on the first floor in an office I used to work at, I used to get at least one every morning. But back to the beer. In addition, there is a very faint cherry/tart berry note which doesn't quite work with the maple. At least not for me.

The finish is grassy with a bit of roasted malt and maple. Not bad, but there isn't enough for me to fall in love with this beer.

Cost - $2.29
Taste - 4.5/10
ABV - 4.5%

Overall - 4.5/10...I have had better maple flavored beers, but this one did have a very nice maple finishing note.

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