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Monday, July 11, 2011

Dunham IPA Anglaise Review

Here is another IPA I scored while visiting Montreal. This is their English-style IPA, which has a slightly lower alcohol content compared to their American-style IPA...a beer that I think I also bought and is somewhere in my basement.

This IPA has a nice amber/honey color with some subtle red hues. It is hazy and pours with a two finger thick, lacy head which recedes in a few minutes. The aroma is weak compared to American style IPA's, but much maltier. Light floral and fruit notes make up the rest of the aroma, which, once again, is surprisingly weak.

The taste has a nice kick with quite a bit of hops, but it also has a smoky/burnt malt taste which affects the finish. I do enjoy a light burnt taste, but I found this to be a bit too much. The rest of the taste is very dry with some roasted nuts, the taste of which comes and goes depending on the burnt malt. There is very little sweetness, which comes at the start and doesn't return until well into the finish. The finish is also dry and very hoppy with a bit more of the burnt malt. The burnt taste goes away quickly and once gone, the roasted nuts reappear.

Overall, I found this to be a very bold beer with a long finish, yet with a very weak aroma. Not bad, but not great.

Cost - $2.39
Taste - 6.7/10
ABV - 5%

Overall - 6.7/10...bold beer with tons of hops and long finish, but ultimately suffering from a weak aroma

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