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Friday, July 23, 2010

Proof Whisky Review

Here is something new and eye catching - Proof whisky. I saw a small display at the local LCBO today and picked up a bottle for $19.95 right away. I love the eye catching simplicity of the bottle and the labels. There is not much info on the labels other than the name, percentage and a website on the back. The label is well designed and features circular relief patterns. Something else that caught my eye was the simplicity of the name itself. As soon as I got home I did a Google search with the terms "proof whisky" and noticed that none of the results are the whisky itself. The first couple of pages were just links to whisky guides or proof definitions and explanations.

The picture that I took is neither over nor underexposed and shows off the whisky color quite nicely. The whisky is light to medium oily, a bit watery actually. A swirl results in immediate tears rolling down the glass and some instant dry spots. The aroma is very sharp and a little rough. Underneath the strong alcoholic fumes subtle sweet flowery, toffee and herbal notes can be detected. In addition, some citrus is also present. The mouth-feel is more oily and does cling to the sides of the mouth. The taste is dominated by strong alcohol, but the same notes as in the aroma can be tasted. The whisky starts off nicely with a burst of flavour - roasted grains, oak, sweet fruits and herbs. But then the whisky overpowers them all and leaves just a brief reminder in the finish that what you just had does have a bit of character. Now, the finish...the finish is like a rollercoaster. The flavours come and go for some time, but the one thing that remains is the smokiness, which is very enjoyable, I admit.

Overall, the whisky is a bit rough, but has a bit of character. For $20 you may not be able to get anything better, but remember that this is a 500 mL bottle and you could get a mickey of something better for about the same price.

Cost - $19.95 for a 500 mL bottle
Taste - 6.1/10

Overall - 6.1/10...a rollercoaster of flavours and strong alcoholic taste

1 comment:

  1. This stuff is garbage, it tastes like cough syurp. I can't even express how gross this stuff is. I tried it stright and I don't know how the guy who wrote the articule tasted what he did. He is how I felt downing this. What I first tasted is a whiskey that was watered down like horriable canadian club, the first hit tastes like some hippy crossed a salad wiskey and took out flavor so wimps can drink it. Then as it went down it started, it hit me, buckly's cough syurp after taste, as I prayed to god that it this was not what is was tasting, I got the full bodied buckly's experince, as the full after taste matured I cried, knowing I spent 20 bucks on this knowing I would be forced to drink it or not get drunk tonight. To whoever thought whiskey and cough syrup would be "epic", fire your focus groups and your staff and hang your heads in SHAME. This was the worst whiskey I have ever had, it is the 0 out of 10, it is a joke, Jack Daniels would spit this swill out.