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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Southern Tier IPA Review

It has been a while since my last review, so I decided to do one of what I have in my fridge. I haven't gone out to look for new brews lately, but the timing could not be any more perfect because Southern Tier's IPA got a new look recently. I have been drinking Southern Tier IPA's for a while now, but like Johnnie Walker's Black Label, they never make it to my desk where I write my reviews. A 6-pack of the good stuff costs only $13.50 so I suggest getting two of these.

The IPA is medium amber in color and pours smoothly with a medium, creamy and lacy head, which takes a bit of time to recede. The aroma is very inviting with sweet honey, herbal, fruity, citrusy and hoppy notes. Yes, it is very rich. Like any of the good IPAs, this one starts off with a bitter punch which makes way for some of the other weaker by comparison flavours. Some grainy and mildly sweet fruity notes can be detected, but overall, the hops dominate this brew. I love hops so I love the taste of this. The finish is bittersweet and medium to long. I love this beer, but I have to warn you that it is very bitter and some may not enjoy it. Also, don't forget about the 6% ABV, which cannot be tasted, but can be felt after one or two of these.

Cost - $13.50 for a 6-pack from the LCBO
Taste - 8.8/10

Overall - 8.8/10...love the brew, love the price and I love the fact that most LCBO's in my area sell this

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