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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marston's Pedigree Classic English Pale Ale Review

This is my first British ale in a long time. Lately, the local good LCBO has not been restocking new and random beers very often. This, believe it or not, was their random beer of the week with only 3 bottles left on the shelf, each for the respectable price of $2.95.

As many similar British ales, this one is amber in color and pours with almost no head. The aroma is very typical and a little boring. Mostly sweet notes, reminiscent of dried fruits, some malt with a sprinkle of hops and a very distant hint of buttery goodness. The taste is similar, though the carbonation brings the overall enjoyment down a notch. The sweetness attacks your taste buds right away so it takes a bit of time to notice where it is coming from. The moment you sense the hint of fruits, biscuity tones come out, followed by a touch of hops and...the finish, which is a little dry, light on the hops and bitter. I don't know if it was something I ate earlier, or if it is the beer, but there was a metallic tone in the finish, which was a bit of a turn off. Overall, this was the best choice at the LCBO, but far from being the best one.

Cost - $2.95
Taste - 6.2/10
ABV - 5%

Overall - 6.2/10...a bit disappointed since I liked their Oyster Stout...also, I much prefer American style Pale Ales

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