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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Black Creek Pale Ale Review

I have been looking for this beer for some time now and I finally got lucky. I was so looking forward to this that I bumped it up to the front of the beer queue for immediate tasting.

This beer has a very distinct pale ale amber/copper color with just a touch of red. It is a little hazy and pours with a thick, creamy and very lacy head. Its aroma is absolutely stunning. I fell in love the moment I brought the glass close to my nose. Off the bat you get a ton of flowery hops, some pine and grapefruit notes. The taste is even better with lots and lots of hops and just the right amount of sweetness. I also managed to detect some papaya notes after a few sips, but the flavour is easily killed by the hoppy character. The beer is bitter, but the bitterness does not build up too much and you will not have to reach for a glass of water at the end of the bottle. The finish continues to deliver with a power hoppy punch and a unique papaya and grapefruit twist. This beer was well worth the constant LCBO stock checks and trips to stores that showed as having 1 bottle in stock.

Cost - $3.55 for a 500 mL bottle
Taste - 8.9/10
ABV - 5%

Overall - 9/10...I was pleased and had to give it another 0.1

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