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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vilac - Yogurt Flavoured Soft Drink Review

Today I went for something a bit more different. A few days ago I picked up a 5-pack of Vilac - kids soft drink. It cost me $0.99 for the pack. I am not sure if that's cheap or expensive because each of the drinks is only 63 mL. For a dollar you get 315 mL. There was a choice between 2 different flavours - one was "yogurt flavored" and the other was just a soft drink. However, both were refrigerated so I wasn't sure what the other one was if the one I picked up was the yogurt flavoured. And how is it yogurt flavoured? Did it taste like plain yogurt?

Upon returning home I quickly ripped the package open and took one of the bottles. The first thing I noticed was that they were all wet and sticky - "oh great, one of them must have opened" - I thought, but NO! They were all still sealed and I washed the weird stickiness. As you can tell by the photo, they are sealed with aluminium foil and not a cap so spillage could occur easily.

The taste was not bad. It tasted like a combination between yop and a kids juice...a tropical fruits one. The drink is just a watered down yogurt drink with a strong citrus flavour. I am sure kids would like it, but I prefer the drinkable yogurt - yop or danone. I will not bash the drink as it is not bad and I will encourage anyone to pick up a 5-pack. It's only $1.

Cost - 9.5/10 (perhaps if it was a bit cheaper, or the bottles were slightly larger)
Taste - 7.3/10

Overall - 16.8/20....that's right, I started using decimal fractions


  1. Where do you get this stuff?

  2. I got it from T & T, an asian supermarket chain with a few locations in Toronto. Sorry for the late reply.

  3. oh i drink that too!!
    but when you drink it do you get some weird lumpy bumps which i have when i drink mine, it just comes back up from my throat when i drink it.. lol o.o ?

  4. That is SOOO cheap. It's a generic brand, but it's the same thing. The original brand is Yakult, which can be found at Safeway stores or any other Asian stores you could think of. For how much (keep in mind that the Yakult flavor is the same exact thing..) you ask? For $4!!!!

    It's addictive, and contains bacteria (sound gross but they're good bacteria) and helps your digestive system. You're only supposed to have one a day. Look up Yakult and read about it!

  5. It's not bad, although a little sweet for my taste, but the bottle I found was only 2.2 fluid oz 63 ml. So, what's with that?