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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Black Fly Tequila Margarita Review

Following our themed party from a few weekends ago, I decided to start trying more of these pre-mixed party cocktails the LCBO has. What better way to start the long line of reviews than to review one of Black Fly's new drinks - the Tequila Margarita.

First off, I apologize for not taking a photo of the pack this beverage comes in because I found it very appealing with its highly contrasting green, yellow and white colors. In my defense, the moment this pack arrived at our place, 3 of the 4 bottles were spoken for and immediately put into the freezer.

The beverage does look like a margarita with its hazy, pale lime green color. Poured in a blender with ice, and then blended gives it a picture perfect margarita look. I strongly recommend the blended approach, but if you are feeling lazy, drink it out of the bottle.

Black Fly's aroma is very inviting with salty, lime and tequila infused scent. The taste is pretty solid, in fact, better than the Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita we reviewed a few weeks ago. The cocktail is salty with a strong tequila lime punch which develops into a very sour and refreshing finish with a warming tequila sensation.

There is very little sweetness at first, but with time, it does start to build up. I do not recommend drinking more than a few of these unless you are planning on ending your night prematurely.

The saltiness adds another dimension to this drink, one that could not have been achieved with the Jose Cuervo if your glass wasn't salt rimmed.

Overall, this is a pretty decent margarita cocktail which I recommend if you are feeling too lazy to make your own.

Cost - $10.95 for a 4 pack
Taste - 8/10
ABV - 7%

Overall - 8/10...the added salty touch brings this to the next level of pre-mixed cocktails

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