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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bishop's Best Bitter Review

Not having had a bitter in a while, I decided to give this brew a try tonight. This is another beer I brought with me from Montreal and it cost me $4.49 to acquire it.

The beer was smooth pour with a thin, lacy head and a nice mahogany color. Its aroma was inviting with typical bittersweet hoppy notes with hints of caramel, dried fruits, nuts and a bit of pine. The taste was a bit odd at first because I was overwhelmed by the initial bitterness. This bitterness was unlike any other I have experienced - it seemed to attach the underside of my tongue and continued to linger near the bottom of my jaw for some time. After several sips I concluded that part of that is due to the dryness of the beer, which dries up the area under my tongue and reacts with the hops to create an odd sensation.

Aside from this odd effect, the bitter is pretty solid with an ample amount of hops, some dried fruit sweetness, mostly raisins, and the occasional roasted nuts hints. The finish is dry, obviously, bittersweet with quite a bit of hops. The hoppy bitterness does build up and towards the end of the bottle it starts to become very dominant with the only remedy being a glass of water.

Overall I wish the bitterness was a bit less and the sweetness a bit more just to balance out the beer. Would I get it again? Sure, it is a pretty solid, manly brew

Cost - $4.49
Taste - 7.8/10
ABV - 4.8%

Overall - 7.8/10...decent bitter with a persistent hoppy bitterness

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