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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thornbridge Kipling South Pacific Pale Ale Review

Following the release of Jaipur, LCBO has brought over another Thornbridge brew...this time I think the roll out was much quicker...and I was pretty slow at getting this review out.

The pale ale has a nice golden color and pours with a medium thick, creamy head which leaves a decent amount of lacing behind. As I was pouring the beer into a glass, the strong hop aroma filled the air around me. A second, close up sniff reveals a a sweet tropical scent with some malt. It reminds me a lot of a pale ale I made with a lot of cascade hops...which I overhopped to be honest.

The taste is very hoppy at the start, but the hoppiness dies off making way for malty character and the tropical fruits. Some grassy notes can be picked up here and there...especially about halfway through the bottle. The finish is semi dry, hoppy with a bit of malt and tropical fruits, predominantly papaya, which linger for quite some time.

Overall this is a pretty refreshing pale ale that will appeal to those who like cascade and citra hops.

Cost - $4.75
Taste - 8/10
ABV - 5.2%

Overall - 8/10...tropical and hoppy...great

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