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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon Review

A few weeks ago I was at the LCBO re-stocking my brown liquid supply and instead of getting my normal bottle of Jack Daniel's, I decided to get the limited edition White Rabbit Saloon, which came in a fancy golden box and only cost an extra dollar (OK, an extra $0.95 at the time).

The first thing I noticed about the White Rabbit was its beautiful deep amber color, which I thought was a shade deeper than the standard Jack Daniel's, but that could have been my eyes deceiving me. Too bad I didn't have a regular one to compare it to.

The second thing you notice is the strong buttery vanilla nose. Add a splash of water and those notes really come out. The flavour is similar - buttery vanilla up front with a touch of caramel with a warm and spicy finish and a bit of fruits in the far distance. Some woody smokiness is also present and builds up nicely after a few sips.

Overall, I found the White Rabbit much easier to drink than the regular one and for an extra $1 per bottle I would buy it instead of the regular one...if it was not for the limited offering.

Cost - $32.90 per bottle from LCBO
Taste - 9/10
ABV - 43%

Overall - 9/10...fantastic vanilla aroma

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