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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Indie Ale House Belgian Rye IPA Review

I was across the street Sunday evening for tacos at Playa Cabana and decided to pick up a growler on my way home. That night the only growlers were Belgian Rye IPAs for $24...so I got one.

The beer has a deep amber color with some red hues and pours with almost no head. The aroma is very Belgian-y with sweet malt, some honey, spices and a little bit of freshly cut grass. The taste is equally sweet with more of the honey notes and spices at the end, and surprisingly for a Belgian style, this beer is very easy to drink and was rather refreshing on a hot Sunday evening outside on the patio. The finish is moderately warm, a tiny bit spicy and also carries some hops. The rye notes are subtle at first, but really come out in the finish. 

Cost - $24 for a growler (with deposit)
Taste - 8/10
ABV - 6.5%

Overall - 8/10...very drinkable Belgian Rye IPA

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