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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Retsina Malamatina Dry White Wine Review

Soooo, this is the CHEAPEST wine you can get at the LCBO. I paid $5.20 for the bottle, but do keep in mind that this is a 500 mL bottle so comparing it to a 750 mL, the equivalent price should be about $7.80...which still makes it the cheapest bottle around.

OK, so how is the cheapest wine? Well....you get what you paid for. The aroma is terrible and comparable to stale farts, wet dog and...er...something else along those lines. Underneath it all you still get hints of grapes, but maaaan, the rest of the aroma....wow.

The taste is even worse. I could only stomach a sip and from it I got a lot of bitterness, raunchiness and other fermented things...with a nice grape finish.

I hope this was a bad bottle because no one should be selling this. Do yourself a favour and spend the extra $3 to get a 750 mL bottle from Eastern Europe or South America.

Yea, that thing near the bottom of the glass is a cap and you do need a bottle opener.

Cost - $5.20
Taste - 0/10
ABV - 11%

Overall - 0/10...cheapest bottle of wine at the LCBO

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