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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breakfast Pizza

OK, so this is not a beverage review, but I decided to put it up. On friday I had the idea of combining an entire breakfast platter into one. I thought that the pizza format will be the best. It turned out that some people have already tried this so I decided to add my version of it to the internets. Here it goes...

I used the following:
And the proportions:
- 2 potatoes,
- 2 eggs,
- 2 strips of bacon,
- 1 slice of ham,
- a bit of flour,
- patented (yea right) spice mix (salt, red and black pepper, pepper flakes, oregano, parsley),
- cheese, I had mozzarella;

First I preheated the oven to 350 F. I shredded the potatoes and the cheese and diced the bacon as follows:

Next I drained the potatoes, added some flour and placed half in a small pan. I melted a bit of butter in the pan prior to placing the potatoes in. I used a spatula to compress the potatoes. I added some of the spice mix. The goal here was just to make hash browns, half cook all ingrdients, place them on top and bake everyting to fuse it all together.

Next I cooked the bacon and placed the chunks on top of the hash browns. Next I cut up the ham into large chunks and placed those on top. I added some of the cheese.

Next I cooked the two eggs sunny side up but left them a bit runny. I placed the two eggs on top of everything else and added the rest of the cheese on top. The final product looked like this:

Lastly I placed the pan in the oven for about 10 minutes when the cheese melted and everything looked like this:
Hmmm....how did it taste? Amazing. It tasted like any breakfast meal you can buy at a diner or make yourself. In total it took me around 50 minutes with cutting, shredding, frying and baking. I would definitely make this again. Let me know if you have any suggestions/recommendations or want to share your creation.

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