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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tetley's English Ale Review

The first time I ever had a Tetley's was by mistake. I ordered it thinking it was a different ale. I was bit disappointed, but decided to suck it up and drink it. The mistake paid off. This ale went to become my favourite one. At 3.6% you can drink a lot more than other ales and since I really enjoy the taste I tend to drink more than one per sitting. The beer has a deep amber colour and is slightly carbonated. Unless you are drinking the whole can at once, you will get the impression that it is not carbonated. The taste is bold and might be a bit too much if you are coming from lagers, especially the mainstream ones. It is slightly bitter with hints of citrus fruits. It goes down smoothly and is quite creamy. If you are pouring the ale in a glass, a thick head will form. I have to warn you about opening of the can - do it quickly and watch out for all the foam that will come out. I strongly recommend you try this one if you come across it, you will not regret it. Don't worry, this ale is not as heavy as some other ones (Rickard's Red).

Cost - $9.95/4 pack
Taste - 9.0/10

Overall - 9.0/10...give it a shot if you want something light and refreshing

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