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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Argento Malbec Review

On a recent trip back home, my dad recommended some very good and affordable wines to me. The first one that I picked up from the list was the Argento Malbec priced at $9.95 at the local LCBO. The best malbec under $10 he said. I trust him, he is quite the wine enthusiast and has spent many hours and resources gaining experience. I have noticed late last year that there are more and more malbecs on the market, at least at LCBO. I don't know much about wines, but from what I noticed us that malbecs are cheap and great red wines.

First off, this is a twist off. I am not sure if that is a good thing, but it sure makes it easy to open the bottle and then seal it until you are ready for that second glass. The wine has a very deep and dark red color with a slight indigo tint. Once I finished my first glass and let it sit on my desk, the few drops that were left at the bottom dried out and the residue seemed slightly purple. At 13% I thought that I would get to enjoy that nice, red wine alcohol taste, but to my surprise
this malbec was extremely smooth. Thirteen percent felt like 6. I have had one other wine that had this smoothness and it was twice the price of this one. There are hints of berries and I had to read the back of the bottle to clearly identify them as my nose and taste buds are quite inexperienced. It is quite easy to detect the presence of berries due to the slightly sour taste and smell that berries usually have. The aftertaste is very pleasant - light and fruity. Not only will I say that I will buy this again, but I will say that the day after I had this wine, I went out and bought another bottle.

Cost - 9.2/10
Taste - 8.5/10

Overall - 17.7/20...buy it and try it

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