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Monday, August 17, 2009

Billyrock Station Shiraz Review

Wine in a can? Only the aussies would think of something like this. I have been told you can get a box of wine for around $12 AUD. You can find the same boxes of wine here for way more than that - $33+ CAD. I know you have to spend money on shipping and duties, but the price more than triples. Anyways, back to the wine in a can. These cans are available at the cash registers where you can find all the tester and 200 mL bottles. There were two kinds of Billyrock Station in a can available - a Pinot Grigio and Shiraz. Being a fan of red wine, I opted for the latter. Each costs $3.95 per can, which is the equivalent of $11.85 CAD per regular bottle. If you haven't done the math yet, each can contains 250 mL of wine and looks and feels just like a Red Bull can.

I wasn't expecting much from this wine in a can, but I was a bit surprised. The label on the back of the can claimed that the wine is smooth with a deep, rich red color. It was pretty smooth, but not as smooth as a bottle of Argento Malbec or Trapiche Reserve. It has a fairly strong berry taste, which leaves a pleasant and clean aftertaste. The taste, and aftertaste, are a bit on the tart side. I would describe the taste as very similar to the Yellow Tail Shiraz, except a little weaker.
Overall I got a little more than I was expecting, but I still prefer a nice malbec.

Cost - $3.95 CAD per 250 mL can
Taste - 7.2/10

Overall - 7.4/10...I give it an extra 0.2 for the can and the fact that I didn't have to dirty up a glass in order to try it

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  1. Yup. I was really hesitant when my boyfriend brought this - the pinot grigio one - home to try..like you said "wine in a can"????? I tried it..and the can didn't even last one hour, hehe! It was really good, and comparable to the whites i usually drink (Frontera, Jackson Triggs, XOXO, Yellow Tail, Barefoot). Not a fan of the price at $4 per can because you really only get one glass of wine, but it's good for on-the-go drinking if you know what I mean :-)

    Great blogspot by the way..keep em coming!