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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Geikkeikan Zipang Review

I am not too much into sake, but I do enjoy the occasional warmed up sake poured straight out of a tokkuri. I know that good sake is not warmed up, but I just enjoy the warm one better. So what is so special about Zipang and why did I buy it and bother taking a photo of it and writing a review? It is CARBONATED. I have never seen a carbonated sake so the moment I laid eyes on one I just had to buy it. It costs $8.95 CAD and comes in 250 mL bottles.

OK, I have absolutely no idea how to describe this sake. For starters, it's carbonated and it reminds me of drinking cheap sparkling wine with some sake mixed in for a good measure. The label on the back states that the only ingredients are water, rice and yeast, but I can swear that I detect some hints of fruit. The aftertaste is a battle of flavours for a minute. First you taste sake, then the fruity hints of sparkling wine, then sake, then wine again, and so on for about a minute. Then when it all settles you experience an aftertaste similar to the one you get from drinking sparkling wine. I like it and I think that people who are afraid to try regular sake should try this first. It might be a great, first, baby step into a new world of taste.

Cost - $8.95 CAD
Taste - 7.1/10

Overall - 7.1/10...I have decided to drop the cost from the overall score like I did in my other blog - What I Drink At Work. Including the cost might give the cheaper and bad tasting drinks a higher score than more expensive, but better tasting ones.

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