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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fuller's Extra Special Champion Ale Review

I think most people call it ESB, Extra Special Champion Ale just requires too much energy and takes up precious moments that can be spent drinking. In fact ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter, but I don't want to bore you with the technical stuff. I picked up this can for $2.55 CAD, but know this - you will not find this at every LCBO store. The London Pride brew is much more common than this one.

The beer is deep amber in color and pours with a short, creamy head. It has a fruity aroma with hints of honey. It is malty, slightly fruity with a dry, hoppy, long finish. This is an absolute joy to drink. The flavours develop long after you have finished drinking it. Take a few large gulps, sit back and enjoy the flavours. Fantastic and you will not even notice the higher alcohol content, until it sneaks up on you out of nowhere. If you are at a beer/liquor store and you come across this beer, get a can. I guarantee that you will love it.

Cost - $2.55 CAD for a 500 mL can
Taste - 8.9/10

Overall - 9/10...I give it an extra 0.1 for the decent price. For the same price you could get other great tasting beers, but you would expect a beer with flavours as complex as these ones to cost at least $3.00

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