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Saturday, October 3, 2009

La Fin Du Monde Review

Last week I had a bottle of Ephemere and did not quite enjoy it. Today I picked up another beer brewed by Unibroue which comes in their traditional 750 mL glass bottles. This one is 9% ABV so I expect more of it. The bottle retails for $5.45 CAD which is a fair price considering the alcohol content.

The cork came out easily with a nice pop. The beer is golden in color, cloudy and pours with a thick head, medium creamy head which recedes fairly quickly to a thin ring around the glass with a thin island of foam in the middle. It smells as expected (like other wheat beers), but with notes of corn and a hint of citrus. This one has a much richer, slightly spicy, flavour than the Ephemere with a very warm finish, similar to scotch or whiskey. Give yourself a break and you will feel the warmth in your chest. The ABV is at 9%, but if you enjoy the beer slowly, you will hardly notice the alcohol. It will, however, sneak up on you fairly quickly. Remember that a bottle of La Fin Du Monde is the equivalent of just over four 330 mL, 5% ABV beers.

I am not a big fan of wheat beers, so I cannot give this a high rating (in my opinion), but it is definitely a great, richer, more refined beer than Ephemere and for that I would give it a higher rating.

Cost - $5.45 CAD for a 750 mL bottle
Taste - 6.7/10

Overall - 6.7/10...now I have to find the rest of the Unibroue brews

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