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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cool Beer Lager Review

It has been a while since my last cheap beer review so here is one. This is probably one of the cheapest beers you can buy in the province of Ontario. It comes in 4 packs, which cost $5 and is quickly becoming available in many LCBO stores.

The beer is light gold in color and pours with a short head which disappears quickly. The aroma is typical for most domestic lagers - a touch of malt, light on the hops, adjuncts and something acidic. The taste is similar, except the flavour is stronger than the aroma. The first few sips had the taste of fresh bread, the ones after of grassy hops. A third of the way through, the taste started to turn acidic. The finish is lightly bitter and a touch hoppy. All in all, this tastes like many macrobrews, but is cheaper than most. I have had worse so I wouldn't call this the worst beer I have ever had, far from it actually. This is the perfect beer for guests that don't care what they are drinking and it could definitely turn into an icebreaker thanks to the lesser known name - Cool Beer.

Cost - $5 for a 4 pack
Taste - 5/10

Overall - 5/10...it's a pass, but a borderline one since I am feeling generous

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