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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fraoch Heather Ale Review

Last weekend I scored a box of seasonal Scottish ales which appear on the market once per year and usually around Christmas. Before I purchased the box, I checked the date and it was all good - more than a year left. Each box, for those who don't know, contains 4 random ales. Fraoch is the first one that I grabbed from my box and it will be the first one I review.

With this beer, I decided to do a simplified review format and here it is.

Color: medium amber/honey, hazy

Head: creamy, medium head

Aroma: floral, sweet, malty with notes of dried fruits

Taste: malty, herbal, not as sweet as the aroma but some honey notes do appear

Finish: medium to long, warm, dry, a touch spicy, some honey notes

Cost - $10 for a pack of 4 random bottles
Taste - 8.9/10

Overall - 8.9/10...excellent beer, the only thing I don't like is the fact that you cannot buy these in larger quantities

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