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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paulaner Oktoberfest Beer and Mug Review

I hunted for over a week to score one of these bad boys and I was finally successful today. I even got the last one. For Oktoberfest, Paulaner released gift set comprised of a 1L can of Oktoberfest beer and a 1L mug that the beer goes into. All that costs $13.40 and if you are reading this late September/early October, I advise you to go out and look for it.

For those who have never seen a can larger than 500 mL, here is a picture so you have something to compare it to. This is a regular sized bottle of beer in front of the gigantic 1L can.

The beer is light amber in color and pours with a very creamy thick head. Be careful though, the mug/beer combo gets very heavy when pouring. Place it on the table once it is half way full. The beer has a typical grassy lager aroma with some barley, yeast and a distant touch of hops. For a lager, the taste is very good - light, crisp, some grassy notes, touch of barley with a semi-decent hop/barley finish. Due to its lightness the 1L can goes down very easy and the high alcohol content of 6% is not noticeable at all...well, at least not in the taste. I can see myself drinking at least a couple of these if offered on tap, or in cans, at the local Oktoberfest celebrations this year.

Cost - $13.40 for a 1L can and a 1L mug
Taste - 7.3/10

Overall - 7.4/10...I give it an extra 0.1 for the awesomeness and the size of it

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  1. This was given to me as a gift from a friend while visiting Munich today. Looking forward to bursting the can open when I get home.