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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crazy Uncle Blood Orange Rosemary Maple Punch Review

This is a new LCBO release part of the Christmas specials and with a name like "Crazy Uncle" how can I resist buying it?

The bottle comes with a small packet filled with a blend of cinnamon, sugar and some other spices to be used as a rimmer. I decided to do this the proper way and poured the contents of the packet onto a plate. With a small lime wedge I used the rimmer and poured myself a glass.

The drink has a very strong rosemary with a sweet blood orange undertone. The taste is very herbal with a nice orange base. The sweetness builds up and there is a strong alcoholic note with with every sip. The finish is warm and sweet yet refreshing with a lingering orange note. Overall this is a pretty decent pre-mixed drink and with its herbal character it might be a good Christmas drink.

Cost - $17.95
Taste - 7.5/10
ABV - 14%

Overall - 7.5/10...pretty decent pre-mixed drink


  1. Walked by this and was debating buying it.. I still can't decide

  2. It tastes terrible, worse than Buckley's to which it seems closely related.

  3. I tried this last night. Absolute swill. If they had put as much thought into the beverage as they did for the marketing and packaging, it would have been a winner.

    Avoid it.

  4. Definately a sipper. Would be perfect as a small party drink offered to guests upon arrival. Strong taste, like a martini.

  5. Drinking some right now. Awful, smells and tastes of black liquorice and BO. Like curried BO. Down the sink ya go!!

  6. I had 12 people taste this after Christmas turkey dinner. They either loved it or hated it. Personally, I loved it. Serve in a small short shooter glass over ice. Very unique light taste. Attached glass rimmer a nice touch. Try it, you just might like it!

  7. Tried this on Christmas day. There were about 6 of us trying it at once. Not a single one of us said it was good....or even ok. We all agreed it was absolutely disgusting! An almost full bottle still sits in the frige, untouched.. Save your money or go for anything else in the store.

  8. Haven't tried this one, but I have tried the other two Crazy Uncle Drinks. I really like the Lime and Basil Daiquiri. The basil is strong and gives the drink a unique flavour. I add a touch of water, because the taste is a little strong for me. My boyfriend really likes the Cola Bitter drink. I find it is a little lighter and can be drank without water. Both should be served with ice.

  9. I did not like it for the first couple of sips. My partner did not like it AT ALL. After I got used to the surprising taste, I really dug it. I would have it again. Bonus: I don't have to share lol!