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Monday, February 14, 2011

Samuel Adams Infinium Ale Review

The Samuel Adams Infinium Ale has finally arrived in the province of Ontario, but only in a few select stores. According to Bar Towel, only 20 stores received the beer. In total, 70 cases were distributed among the stores. I got one for $14.95 and had the chance to try it.

The beer comes in a large, Champagne-like style bottle with foil, wire that holds the cork, and yes, a cork. The beer is hazy, gold in color with light amber hues. Depending on your pouring technique, the head is either medium-thick or very, very thick and creamy. Either way, the head recedes in minutes to some very light foam which resembles that of cheap beer. The aroma is unique and very inviting. It is floral with a bouquet of citrus, pear, peach, mango and some champagne-like spice. The character is malty with almost no hops.

The uniqueness of this brew continuous with the taste. The beer is bubbly, once again, very champagne-like with a malty character. Sweet, fruity notes come out in the beginning, as well as some citrus. This transitions, into a less sweet, maltier character with some pear. The finish is dry, floral, spicy with some citrus. The high alcohol content can be felt at times, but it is overall, decently masked.

Cost - $14.95
Taste - 8/10
ABV - 10.3%

Overall - 8/10...unique, somewhat rare brew that may appeal to those into champagne

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