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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Puckering Punch Vodka Beverage Review

Besides Sucking Lemons, Jaw Drop brought a second vodka beverage to the shelves of LCBO. The beverage comes in the same eye catching can.

For those wondering, the contents of the can are the same color as the hands on the can. The drink smells like a generic, sour fruit punch with almost no vodka smell. This drink is more up my alley than Sucking Lemons. It starts off with a nice sour-ish punch with minimal vodka taste and transitions to a sweet/sour fruit punch taste with a bit more vodka taste coming out towards the end.

The aftertaste is more alcoholic than the taste, but the vodka flavour doesn't last very long as the sourness takes over. As I mentioned before, I like this better than Sucking Lemons. I think I will get a few more of these next time I am too lazy to mix drinks.

Cost - $2.95
Taste - 7.5/10
ABV - 7%

Overall - 7.5/10...more sour than Sucking Lemons with minimal Vodka taste


  1. I just bought these today .. two of em... It came out all pinkish and frothy over a bunch of ice in a red Solo cup in my apt on a Friday evening where its in the 80's and I went ..oh boy .. this is not gonna be nice. SURPRISE .. I sure don't mind the heat. These are so wickedly good. Bravo to the makers.

  2. It says 12% abv on the can and seems like it is, at least where i live.