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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dieu du Ciel déCIBeL Review

So why is this called déCIBeL? Well, because this beer has been created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CIBL 101,5 FM Radio-Montréal. Pretty cool, huh? I bought this from Montréal's Dépanneur Peluso for $2.49, which is not a bad deal.

The beer pours with a beautiful, hazy, pale amber color and a thin off white head. Typical hoppy and flowery pale ale aromas emanate with a few added twists of honey, tropical fruits and roasted nuts. The taste is a fantastic bittersweet blend of hops, sweet dried fruits, honey and roasted nuts. Subtle papaya and grapefruit notes make an appearance towards the end but they are quickly overpower by the hoppyness. The finish is medium to long, dry and more bitter than sweet with a short return of the grapefruit. On the down side, the finish gets drier and bitterer with time and suffers a little bit from a bitterness compounding. If you can't take the bitterness, then this may not be for you. If you love hoppy beers, then this is a definite recommendation.

Cost - $2.49
Taste - 8/10
ABV - 5.5%

Overall - 8/10...greaty hoppy pale ale with enjoyable subtle hints of tropical fruits and citrus

1 comment:

  1. Nice! I'm a volunteer at CIBL and didn't even know about this. I'll swing by Peluso and see if they still sell it!