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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fresita Review

I know that this has slowly morphed into a beer blog over the last year, but in reality, I do try and enjoy other alcoholic beverages. Most of these beverages do not make it to the site, but I have made it my mission to spend more time and take notes when I am enjoying other beverages. This will not stop me from taking photos after drinking these because lets face it, I just cannot wait. So enjoy these notes and the photo of an empty bottle and look forward to more non-beer reviews.

What is Fresita? In short, it is a strawberry flavored sparkling wine. In a little more detail, it is a blend of Chilean sparkling wine and strawberries from Chile.

You obviously cannot see this, but Fresita has a hazy, deep ruby red color and has a sweet strawberry aroma, accompanied by typical sparkling wine notes. Take away the strawberries, and this reminds me of cheap sparkling wines that I sometimes buy for mixing. The taste is a well done blend of, well, strawberries and sweet sparkling wine...with a subtle lemon/lime twist at the end. The strawberries and lemon/lime combo help lower the sweetness of the sparkling wine which translates in a very pleasant drinking experience. Overall, I really enjoyed this beverage and will continue to buy it. That's right, I have had this on many occasions in the past and I think that it is something many people can enjoy. It is refreshing and not as sweet as sparkling wines.

Cost - $13.90 for a 750 mL bottle, $4.95 for a 200 mL bottle
Taste - 8/10
ABV - 8%

Overall - 8/10...great tasting and refreshing while still packing a decent punch

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  1. I love Fresita! I first tried in St. Lucia a few weeks ago. But I am having trouble finding it for purchase. Especially the 200 ml. bottles. Can you help? I am in Richmond VA - but could also buy it online.