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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Curmudgeon IPA Review

Another IPA added to the LCBO selection! Unfortunately it is made in smaller batches and has a short shelf life. I bought the one I drinking today about a week ago when it was only a week old. I should have drank it sooner but things got in the way.

The Curmudgeon IPA has a very deep amber color and pours with almost no head. Buttery and flowery notes quickly saturate the air around the glass and invite you for a sip. Bittersweet dried fruit notes add to the richness and help create a well rounded aroma. The taste is fantastic and very bold with hops dominating the taste buds. The beer is bittersweet from the start with dried fruits and butterscotch adding to the sweetness. The finish is hoppy with just a touch spice at the end and some citrus. The 6.5% ABV is very well hidden by the bittersweet taste and finish. Overall, this is a very excellent IPA that I will purchase again.

Cost - $3.60
Taste - 8.8/10
ABV - 6.5%

Overall - 8.8/10...fantastic IPA, a must try for the hop fans

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