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Monday, May 28, 2012

Mister Beer Bottle Brew Brown Ale Review

A few weeks ago a colleague gave me a bottle of Mister Beer he had kicking around after a party he hosted...also it was my birthday. I was right away impressed how small and easy to use the package is. This is essentially a 2L bottle with wort with enough hops and yeast to brew up a small 6 pack.

The instructions are very simple - unscrew cap, drop tablets in, re-seal with new cap with seal.

I, of course, just had to smell the contents as soon as I unscrewed the original cap. Just as I thought - this is just wort and smells pretty good. The capsules contain the hops and the yeast and if you are not a hop fan the instructions say that you can just drop the yeast in.

I dropped the capsules in, re-sealed it, wrote the date and placed in my basement. About 2 weeks later I transferred it to the fridge and left it there for about a week...yeah, it says to leave it over night, but I had a pretty busy week and was away for most of the time.

When I finally cracked it open, the pour was smooth with the yeast staying at the bottom of the bottle. The head that formed was thick and creamy and took about 3 minutes to recede to what you see in the photos below. The beer was mostly clear, though there was some mild haziness and bits of the krausen.

The aroma was very malty with lightly roasted nuts and a bit of hops. The taste was surprisingly good, though the mouthfeel felt a bit too thin and watery. Light roasted nuts and malt dominated the flavour while the hops appeared at the finish and their presence was brief. Grassy notes, that I am not a fan of, start to appear after a few sips.

I think this kit is the simplest one to use on the market. It is almost foolproof and does not require a lot of attention. The beer ain't bad either.

Conclusion - try it!

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  1. If you like the Red, Pilsner or Brown, better stock up as soon they are only going to produce the Blonde and Cerveza