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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stone Pale Ale Review

Finally - Stone's Pale Ale. I finally had the chance to go beer hunting in the US and I bought some beers I have been dying to try for years now. I will start off the tasting with a beer that is considered the best pale ale in the world.

The beer has a dark amber color and pours with a generous head which recedes moderately slowly leaving plenty of lacing behind. The bittersweet hoppy aroma can be detected from far away. It is so strong that it quickly and easily fills the air around it with its pleasant notes. Upon closer inspection piney and dried fruit notes are present and nicely complement the rest of the aroma.

The taste is extremely well balanced with caramel malt up front followed by roasted notes as well as sweet dried fruits and some hops. There is plenty of bitterness and sweetness but one does not overpower the other.

The finish bittersweet a decent hop punch and just hints of fruits. In the distance a slightly spicy note gives the finish the warmth it needs. This is truly one of the best pale ales, if not the best, that I have had the pleasure of trying. Next time I am in the US, I will buy a lot more.

Cost - $1.49 from Meijer's
Taste - 9.5/10
ABV - 5.4%

Overall - 9.6/10...I just need to give it an extra 0.1 for how drinkable this beer is

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