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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kingfisher Review

I have to be honest and state that I am going into this review with a bias as I really like Kingfisher. I picked one of these up from an LCBO a couple of years ago and since then it has replaced Stella Artois as my choice of lager for a few good reasons which I will discuss below.

I assume you have had a Stella before as it is one of the more popular imports you can find in virtually all establishments - clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Just last year Stella's brewer purchased Anheuser-Busch and I think this is why the lager is so popular in North America. Anyhow, the first reason why I chose to switch to Kingfisher was that it was slightly cheaper. At first the price difference was only a few cents given you purchased a 6 pack of Stellas and 6 individual Kingfishers. Recently, the price of Kingfisher went down by around 30 cents (actually there were two price drops in the past couple of years which now total to an overall drop of 30 cents) to $1.80 CA per bottle. Call me cheap, but 1 bottle of Kingfisher is now $0.45 cheaper than 1 bottle of Stella (a 6-pack is $13.50, you do the math). And with my excessive consumption of alcohol, I do save a bit of money.

The second reason was the taste. Kingfisher is a bit lighter tasting and goes very well with a variety of foods. I love the taste of Stella, but not too many of my friends do as they are fans of Coors Light and Budweiser. They do seem to enjoy the taste of Kingfisher more. The lager is very refreshing and I can definitely have a few in a row without getting that "beer" taste in the back of my throat.

Another reason why I like Kingfisher is that you can find it in most South Asian restaurants at a reasonable price. Most LCBOs do carry it as well, which does not make it one of those hard to find, excellent beers. I strongly recommend you give this one a try if like Stella, but don't want to pay the premium, or if you like Coors Light/Budweiser but want to try something new.

Cost - $1.80 per bottle
Taste - 8/10

Overall - 8.1/20...I give it an extra 0.1 for the taste/cost combo

1 comment:

  1. i feel kingfisher is a replica of stella..bottle design, taste..everything