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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Té Bheag

I picked this up a few weeks ago because I felt like trying something new. I have been a fan of the Black Label for a while, but I decided to venture out and try as many whiskys and scotches as I could. Not all LCBO stores stock the scotch so you may not have seen it before. It comes in a 700 mL bottle, which sells for $36.95. Not that expensive for a premium spirit...at least not in Canada.

As I lack experience, the ability to taste and I can't find my way with words, I will say one thing - GOOD. I like this scotch - it is smooth and a bit smoky, which makes it quite enjoyable for beginners (as I am one). There are plenty of professional reviews available on the web, so I will not add my extremely poor version. The bottom line is that I love it and I would buy it again. If you want a premium scotch, but do not wish to spend the money on a Black Label, or something more expensive, go for this one, you will not be sorry.

Cost - 7/10
Taste - 8/10

Overall: 15/20

1 comment:

  1. I loved this scotch in the mouth - it's delicious. But for me the finish was non-existent. Just a slight alcohol burn and no flavour, very watery finish. I didn't buy it again.