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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Glenrothes Select Reserve Review

Yes, the photo is a bit overexposed but I thought it's nice. I do have some normal shots but who wants to see them? We all love what is not normal, right?

I got a bottle of Glenrothes Select Reserve as a present for my birthday a few months ago. I absolutely love the box it came in - check it out. I saved so once I am done with the scotch I will put the empty bottle back in the box and put on display on our bookshelf in the hallway.

This particular scotch costs $59.95 at your local LCBO is they even carry it. I have been to a few stores that carry several of the Glenrothes scotches and this is one of the more popular ones as it is the cheapest. You do pay a premium over the regular "premium" spirits, but I think it is worth it. The bottle is made of nice, thick glass and comes with a very nice wooden top. 

I thought this scotch is quite nice for a single malt as it is not as rough as other single malts I have had. I have to note that I haven't had many single malts that were aged over 15 years so I am a bit inexperienced in that field. It is easy to drink and quite enjoyable. At first I wasn't able to unlock its potential, but once I put a small piece of ice (maybe 1/3 of a small cube) I noticed it tasted a but fruity...and this was before I even read the label. Slightly chilled it became much more enjoyable and complex. I tried it with a splash of water (more like a dash of cold water) and once again I tasted its many ingredients. Another thing I tried was to make  Rob Roy with it. It didn't live up to my expectations. This scotch is made to be strictly enjoyed straight or with an ice cube or a splash of water. 

Would I recommend it? Sure I will if you have $60 to spend and want to try something not so popular in Canada. But for the money I would buy a large bottle of Black Label. Yes, the Black Label passes all tests including the Rob Roy test...it makes a hell of a smooth one.

Cost - 6/10
Taste - 8/10 (in my opinion it is better with a bit of ice)

Overall - 14/20

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