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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rolling Rock Review

About a month ago I went to NYC for a weekend. I stayed at a cheap student hostel for only $25 per night with 10 of us sleeping in the same room. On the first night, when I was coming back to the hostel, I stopped by a grocery store to pick up some booze and something to make for dinner. Originally I picked up a nice 6 pack of Samuel Adams, but my knees almost gave out when I saw the colossal display of Rolling Rock with a huge $14.99 sign. What did $14.99 get you? An 18 pack!!! The cheapest beer you can get in Canada comes to just over a $1 when you get a 24 pack. It is more now since you have to pay deposit for the 24 bottles at $0.10 CAD per bottle. Anyways, I thought that this might be a good way to get to know the other travellers at the hostel and maybe play a few drinking games. Of course this wasn't the only beer or alcohol I bought, but my story will focus on Rolling Rock. So I have already established the fact that this beer is cheap, the cheapest I have ever bought.

My plan worked, I stashed the beer in the freezer when I got back to the hostel to cool it fast, and went around looking for people to invite over for a free beer. In no time I had 2 guys come over and join me, my girlfriend and a couple of friends. We started having a good time...and then it all went to hell the moment I opened my first bottle of Rolling Rock (I had another beer before that and a nice gin and tonic). Well, it smelled like water, and it tasted like mop water...used at least once. The worst part about the beer is that the horrible taste does not hit you after you have taken the sip. While you are drinking you realize that it is not a great beer, but, my god, you do not realize how bad it is until you have swallowed. Why do I think this is bad? Well, if you realize that the beer is horrible while the sip you have taken is still in your mouth, you can easily
spit it out, curse and throw out the beer. Damn it, I should have thrown the beer out, but I didn't care, it was cheap and we were having a good time.

Or at least I was until 2.5 beers later when the horrendous taste really smacked me...I rushed to the washroom and let it all out. We have been all sick from drinking too much, but this was only 2.5 beers of Rolling Rock, 1 other beer and a glass of G&T. Not that much for me, but my god this taste made me unbelievably sick. I had never been more sick than this. Once I even drank a whole micky of vodka...in 1 sitting in a couple of minutes, went out, and had 2 more tall drinks. All this happened in about 2 hours. I vomitted once then slept like a baby, no complications, but wow...Rolling Rock. Avoid this beer if you want to live.

Sorry about the poor photo quality. I took that with my cell phone, which does have a macro option, but I just wanted to take a photo before I had vomitted my brain and all ability to use technology or even stay still while taking a photo.

Cost - 0/10 (if this was tolerable, I would give it a 10 because it was the cheapest beer I have ever had)
Taste - 0.5/10...I give it 0.5 since I had 2.5 bottles, because it was the one thing left for us to drink. If I hadn't had the 2.5 bottles, I would have given it a 0

Overall - 0.5/20...I think you will have more fun stabbing yourself than drinking this

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  1. Lol, that was funny! i'll remember to stay away from it whenever i visit NYC!