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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Century Reserve 15 Years Old Review

Holy crap, this is really good, surprisingly good. Only $32.80 CAD and it is absolutely amazing. It is pale in color and has a light taste and aftertaste. Smells and tastes very aromatic. I detected some citrus fruits - either lemon or orange. Yes, I am quite inexperienced at this point. I also detected some caramel and toffee taste and slight aftertaste. There is something else, a slight licorice taste. The second glass I had reminded me of eating chocolate brandy cherries and a bit of those chocolates filled with whisky. This is my new favorite whisky.

Cost - forget this one
Taste - 8.4/10

Overall - 8.4/10...try it, it is worth the $30 CAD

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