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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sol review

This is the beer I got for our guests. They weren’t big on beer and liked drinking Coronas with lime wedges. I have had Sol on a few drunken occasions and wanted to try it sober to see how it tastes. A 6 pack will set you back $11.95 CAD.

The beer is very carbonated, but forms almost no head when poured. No lacing as well. It smells cheap, of yeast and tastes the same – of yeast. There are some distant hints of citrus, but they are lost in the strong yeast taste. The aftertaste is the same as eating bread…something I would much rather be doing. Once I tasted the beer sober, I added a lime wedge and pressed it against the glass a bit to release its juices. It made a huge difference. The lime juice killed the strong yeast taste and dramatically improved the aftertaste as well. The aftertaste still remained a bit skunky with notes of yeast, but oh boy, what a change from the original one. I can see why these types of beers are served the way they are, because otherwise they would be horrible.

Overall I find this a bit more tolerable than Corona, but only slightly.

Cost - $11.95 CAD for a 6 pack
Taste - 5.5/10…damn that yeast taste. At first it gives you the sensation of eating bread, but then, oh boy, the sensation of drinking cheap beer.

Overall – 6.0/10...I give it 0.5 for the refreshing summer experience, after adding a lime wedge

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