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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grand River Brewing Town Hall Lager Review

I bought this from LCBO a few days ago for $3.00 CAD, a rather high price to pay for something like this. The price can be justified by how fresh this beer was - it was bottled 5 days ago. It is also 500 mL so you do get a bit more than you would from a regular bottle. The label is nothing that will attract your attention. Actually, it might, because it really stands out as a poor quality label among all the other beers in the section, which sport well designed labels with fancy fonts and logos.

The beer pours with a short head that dissolves quickly. There is some lacing, but does not cling to the walls for too long. Initially it smells like bread, but after several swirls, a nice fruity smell emerges. The beer does not have a particularly bold taste, but a rather light, slightly sweet one. There is a dull alcoholic undertone similar to that of hard liquor. It starts off sweet, ends on a medium, slightly bitter note. The aftertaste is fresh and tastes a bit like bread.

Cost - $3.00 per bottle
Taste - 7.8/10

Overall - 7.8/10...I really enjoyed the freshness of this beer. I have never had one so fresh before. Overall the taste did not wow me, but it was an enjoyable, light beer.

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