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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Railway City Iron Spike Blonde Ale Review

Not the prettiest bottle and label combination on the market, but it is fresh, bottled less than 2 weeks ago in St. Thomas, Ontario. The beer retails for $2.95 CAD, but comes in 500 mL bottles.

The beer is gold in color and a bit cloudy. It pours with a short head and has a very sweet, fruity aroma. The taste is a mix of bitter, sweet and slightly sour notes. The finish has traces of corn and citrus yet it is fairly clean. Not a bad local brew, but the price might be a bit too high for some. There are some great, sometimes even local, brews for less than $2.95 CAD. This brew might be worth it for those living in, or around, London or St. Thomas. The label on the back says that the brewery is paying $0.25 for each returned bottle. That is an extra $0.15 more than you would get from returning this to the Beer Store. I know this is nothing, but if you like this local brew, and buy multiple bottles, these 15 cents will end up making a difference in the long run

Cost - $2.95 CAD for a 500 mL bottle
Taste - 6.8/10

Overall - 6.8/10...fresh, although slightly bland, taste, great finish, but the price is a bit of a kill

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