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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chimay Triple Review

Finally, the last of the Chimays from the gift box I bought last week. Unlike the other ones (Red and Blue), you can find this at the LCBO under the name of Chimay White Cap.

The beer pours beautifully into the supplied chalice. I managed to pours the contents of the entire bottle at once and the foam came up to just over the rim the glass without spilling. It was a thing of beauty. The beer is golden and cloudy with a very sweet, flowery, wheaty aroma. It is well carbonated and the taste is rich, bitter and of hops with some wheat undertones. The finish is brilliant. The hop taste and the bitterness get carried over from the taste into the finish, which ends dry. The higher alcohol content is masked quite nicely in this one. A wheat taste does accumulate over the course of the bottle, but not as much as the other Chimay beers. This is my favorite Chimay. This one combines several characteristics which I absolutely adore - the boldness of the taste as well as the bitter and dry finish.

Cost - $3.30 CAD for a 330 mL "White Cap" bottle or $14.95 CAD for the gift box
Taste - 8.6/10

Overall - 8.6/10...my favorite Chimay

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