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Monday, November 9, 2009

Wells Bombardier Burning Gold Review

Bombardier Burning Gold is a seasonal beer in Ontario. I saw it right next to the regular Wells Bombardier with a slightly lower price tag - $3.45 per 500 mL, rather than $3.55. It looked absolutely magnificent in the well lit beer section and I fell for it right away. Just look at that bottle. I should have picked up the regular one for a direct comparison.

Pours with a thick, creamy head which takes a few minutes to recede leaving bits of lacing behind. You can see the color of the beer quite well in that photo, it is light gold. It has a malty aroma with some hints of corn and citrus. The taste is malty and slightly sweet with hints of fruits. The finish is bitter and hoppy. The hop finish lingers for a while, which is a pleasant sensation. The only downside is that it loses its flavour as you drink it. The finish remains, but the taste fades. Overall, this is not a bad beer, but at that price, it is nothing too exciting.

Cost - $3.45 CAD for a 500 mL bottle
Taste - 8.1/10

Overall - 8.1/10...great beer, but the price is too high for what it is

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