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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St Ambroise Pale Ale Review

I don't normally review two beers per night, but I will make an exception tonight because this is the last beer of this kind that I have and I cannot wait to drink it. McAuslan's St. Ambroise Pale Ale is one of the more rare beers that I have come across at the LCBO. I have seen it exactly twice in the last couple of years and the first time I made the mistake of not getting it. The unique thing about this beer is that it comes in 4 packs, rather than 6 packs and it also has a seal across the cap.

The 4 pack costs $8.95 which is not bad considering the rarity of this brew.

The beer has an amber/honey brown color and pours smoothly with a very short head. The aroma is pleasant and intense. It is fruity and flowery, hoppy and malty with a unique honey-like undertone. The mouth feel is medium to full and the flavour is sweet with a bitter, hoppy and buiscuity finish. This is an absolute gem of a beer that you have to buy and try if you come across it. It reminds me a little of BrewDog's Punk IPA in terms of aroma and flavour.

Cost - $8.95 CAD for a 4 pack
Taste - 9/10

Overall - 9/10...a gem

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