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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jack Daniels Cola Whiskey Beverage Review

Well look what we have here. It is one of my favorite drinks already mixed for me. Wait, I have fallen into this trap before - premixed drinks. They rarely turn out to be great or even decent. So what do I get for $3.25 CAD other than a cool looking 473 mL can?

The drink does have the typical Jack and Coke aroma and surprisingly it is more whiskey based than coke based. Whoa! The taste is pretty awesome. It actually tastes like a Jack and Coke that I made myself at home. The taste of whiskey is quite strong so you know the kick will be good. The can contains 70.95 mL of Jack Daniel's Old No 7, which is about 2.4 fluid ounces or almost 2 and a half shots of Jack. The Coke doesn't taste cheap either, but it doesn't quite taste like a Coca Cola. OK, so, for a premixed drink this is pretty good, but is it worth it? I think so. If I were to buy a 750 mL bottle of the Old No 7, I would have to spend $29.45 and that can make me about 10.5 drinks. In addition, I would have to spend at least $5 on Coke so for a total of around $34 I can make myself 10.5 drinks. And how much would I have to spend on 10.5 premixed Jack and Cokes - $34.12. OK, not really $34.12, but more like $32.50 if I go for 10 or $35.75 if I buy 11. Not a bad deal, eh? This premixed drink costs about the same as buying the individual ingredients. Would the final result be better if you made it yourself? Perhaps because you can always double up on the alcohol content of the beverage.

Cost - $3.25 CAD for a 473 mL can
Taste - 9/10

Overall - 9/10...I love Jack and Cokes and this fantastic


  1. I absolutely love this too - tastes sooo good! I'm a fan of Crown Royale and Coke, but gave this a try and I'm hooked. I got the pack of 4, 355ml cans for $9.95 CAD.

  2. where can i get this?

  3. You can find this at most LCBO stores in Ontario, or where coolers/pre-mixed drinks are sold in liquor stores everywhere else.

    I think it will vary from province to province and from state to state.

  4. Wow I would like to try this, was thinking about getting a jack and coke today but the cheapest JD was about eighteen bucks and I'm not that thirsty :D I will try to find this in Alberta. Thanks for the review!