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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great Lakes Brewery Green Tea Ale Review

Another new release at the LCBO - Great Lakes Brewery's Green Tea Ale. I am not surprised that a brewery like Great Lakes would release such a beer, after all, they specialize in making brews like this. Right next to the Green Tea Ale was the Orange Peel Ale, which also comes in a large, 650 mL bottle. Around holidays, brews like the Winter Ale and Pumpkin Ale become available. Another great beer that this brewery makes is the Devil's Pale Ale, which is absolutely solid. Moving on, the Green Tea Ale costs $4.95, which is on the steep end of the pricing scale, but at least you get a bit more beer for the money.

The beer is cloudy, pale golden in color and pours with a very short head. The aroma is made up of citrus, malt and a touch of bitter hops. I cannot say that I can detect the green tea among these scents because it probably is not strong enough to combat the malt/hops aroma. The taste surprised me...and in a very good way. The initial flavour was that of orange peel, next came a touch of sweet malt and at the end came more fruits and hops. The finish is medium to long, a little dry and hoppy and very enjoyable. The finish is not very exotic, in fact, it is similar to many full flavored, regular beers. It is here that one can detect the green tea, which gets stronger with time. I think that the green tea used to make the beer was not as strong as it could have been, otherwise I should have been able to clearly taste it while drinking. But I cannot complain, as this is a very well balanced beer, which honestly, surprised me. I can definitely recommend it, even to those who do not venture out and try flavoured beers.

Cost - $4.95 CAD for a 650 mL bottle
Taste - 8.0/10

Overall - 8.0/10...great flavour, nothing too exotic, but the green tea flavour is not as strong as it could have been

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