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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

William Premium Cider Review

Aaah, cider! It's great on a hot day like today. William cider is a new LCBO, or at least one that I have never seen before, and retails for $2.75 CAD. I have noticed that some of the new products that appear on the LCBO shelves are moving towards being organic.

Organic or not, this cider has a beautiful pale golden/straw color, almost identical to that of plain apple juice. The aroma resembles that of champagne with a strong apple influence. The taste...is fantastic, absolutely fantastic. It is not as ranky as some other ciders, nor is it overly sweet like others. The taste starts off light, slightly sweet with the taste of fresh apples coming in shortly after. Towards the end, the apple taste intensifies to give the finish a crisp apple taste without any of the rotten apple taste. The more I drank this cider, the stronger the taste of apples became, but it never got ranky or too sweet. Towards the end of the can, it seemed like I had just had a glass of apple juice mixed with some carbonated water...except for the light buzz I was experiencing, that was a reminder that what I just had contained 5.2% ABV. This was an absolutely delight to drink and I strongly recommend it if you like cider, or would like to get into ciders.

Cost - $2.75 CAD for a 473 mL can
Taste - 8.8/10

Overall - 8.9/10...have a 0.1 for the surprise factor

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